About Us
Creative Spark has teamed up with the following organisations to make a difference in the lives of poorer communities in South Africa.

LEAP Science & Maths Schools

LEAP-3-052-220x180LEAP schools provide student-centred, maths and science-focused education to economically disadvantaged students from grades 8 to 12. They focus on enabling the self-awareness necessary for each student’s growth to healthy adulthood, and to ensuring optimal academic results which will allow for choices for lifelong learning and a fulfilling future. LEAP is based in Creative Spark’s home city, Cape Town, but operates learning centres throughout South Africa.



Phakamisa Projects

pos-start-sep2013This non-profit organisation focuses on improving the learning conditions of rural schools in the Eastern Cape, whether that be brand new classrooms, jungle gyms or educational toys.




Ubom! Eastern Cape Drama Company

1285740191328This non-profit organisation works to develop audiences, community groups and professionals in the area, creating performances that are dynamic, relevant, accessible, taboo-breaking and of the highest theatrical caliber.




Net Prophet Bursary (2012)

npimg1The Net Prophet Bursary was established to benefit those with a high propensity to innovate in technology, yet do not have the knowledge required nor the funds available to live their dream. The Net Prophet event raises money each through the kind pledges of its delegates, then facilitates education at the University of Cape Town. Creative Spark was proud to donate to this bursary to further build computer literacy skills in this country.