Mobile & Tablet App Development

Whether you are looking for a basic mobi site to reach as many handsets as possible, or a suite of native smartphone applications targeting the iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android-powered handsets, we design and develop across all platforms. Our primary focus is to deliver the best possible user experience given the rapidly growing mobile market in Africa and worldwide. Here we are also able to assist on a strategic level to ensure that the content delivered is relevant and digestible, and can recommend several different approaches depending on your requirements:

  • Native app development: Best experience, but expensive and not multi-platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry).
  • Web app/mobile website: With or without HTML5, Cordova/PhoneGap wrapper. Cross-platform and most cost effective.
  • Adobe AIR/Flex app: Cordova wrapper, cross-platform, flash-based approach. Heavy download and can be slow. Recommended for Games.