Oscar Delta

Concept & Prototype

Creative Spark was approached by a client, needing to translate his entrepreneurial vision into a tangible concept – all to be used towards a prototype for his business idea: To strategically place Jeep Wranglers in specific locations and on specific routes within Cape Town and its surroundings, used to transport tourists to a range of various experiences predominantly within the adventure market. Oscar Delta’s vision is to reinvent the travel market in Cape Town through innovative transport, technology support and creative experiences.


Creative Spark brought Oscar Delta to life through branding and corporate identity design, website design, as well as concept designs of the branded jeeps and containers. We needed to convey the brand’s spirit of adventure, with alignment to the Jeep Wrangler’s massive and bold appearance. The vehicle expresses the concept of adventure, it is rugged but still luxurious, and it offers safety and confidence and also creates an upscale feel to target a specific market, also reflected in Oscar Delta’s branding.