Normandie Est. 1693

Website Design

The Creative Spark team values our small clients, just as much as the large ones. When we were approached by international fashion and industrial designer Mark Eisen, and his wife Karen, to design a website for their stunning boutique wine estate in Franschhoek, we couldn’t say no.

The Eisens create high-end cult wines, with award-winning winemaker Johan Viljoen, marketed primarily through word of mouth, select suppliers and restaurants. Demand for information about the wines, however, led to the need for an online presence.


The brief to develop the Normandie Est. 1693 website was to create a minimal and highly visual online presence, that balanced the century-old authenticity of the farm and artisanal winemaking methods, with the fresh vibrancy of the Eisens, all while preserving the mystery surrounding a cult wine and meeting the exacting standards of world-renowned designers.

Our happy clients are proof that we did them justice.