Ndalo Media

Destiny and Destiny Man

Creative Spark partners with Ndalo Media on the digital strategy, design, development, revenue strategy, editorial strategy, digital marketing and SEO for their two high-profile magazine brands, DESTINY and DESTINY MAN.


Our relationship started over five years ago, with a digital strategy engagement, to help revamp the magazine’s online presence, and develop a sustainable digital revenue model to support Ndalo Media’s print sales. Editorial staff also struggled to use the sites’ antiquated content management system, which incurred high resource and maintenance costs.


Creative Spark rebuilt the sites from the ground up, focusing on a mobile-first approach, in response to high traffic growth & demand on mobile devices. Through implementing WordPress as a user-friendly publishing CMS, and automating processes such as sending out weekly email newsletters, we turned several hours of daily editorial time into several minutes. Improving the content architecture, and mobile accessibility also resulted traffic growth of over 500%. We are currently implementing a second upgrade for both sites, and have provided a sneak peak of the new designs here.