Huggies Baby Wipes VR Campaign


Awarded Gold at the New Generation Awards 2016, for Best Use of Technical Innovation.


The Challenge


Kimberly-Clark discovered that the organic fibres and 99% water in Huggies® Baby Wipes made the product so natural that a lima bean was able to sprout within its folds. This posed a marketing problem, how do you demonstrate this as an in-store activation, when the delicate sprouts had to be handled and shown to grow in real time for customers to really see the action?

Our Idea


Why not bring this experience to life through virtual reality?

Kimberly-Clark took the plunge and the first #HuggiesVR experience was created and adopted as a full year, integrated campaign. In doing so, Creative Spark and Huggies® SA brought new technology to South African moms and dads, while demonstrating the gentle care of Huggies® Baby Wipes, communicating key product benefits and setting Huggies® apart from competitors.



A specialised VR video was produced by our partners at Deep VR, and activations were rolled out to every Baby City store in South Africa as well as all the Mama Magic baby Expos. Promotors fitted Samsung VR headsets and noise cancelling Skull Candy headphones on customers, taking them on an audiovisual Huggies® Wipes journey, handing them a baby wipe to smell and touch to enhance the sensory experience.

The integrated campaign was also rolled out across multiple social platforms, media platforms, traditional channels and new technologies.

  • VR video translation into an online 360 video hosted on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Huggies® branded Google Cardboards delivered nationwide to stores as part of a promotion to buy 2 packs of Huggies® Wipes and experience the VR video at home.
  • Content posted on social platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram Blogger/influencer product drop offs: Google Cardboard, pack of Huggies Wipes, and a glass jar and lima bean seed to grow their own bean.
  • Print Ads in key parenting titles with unique URLs leading to the video
  • Shazam Ads with unique URLs leading to the video

CS_huggies_3How to watch the video:


  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app on your smartphone
  • Open your app, and visit the Huggies SA Facebook page
  • You’ll find it in the Videos folder


The Results


Industry first VR campaign – launched before any competitor in the Baby and Child care category in Africa, in fact, no known competitor has done so to our knowledge.

  • 425k Facebook 360 video views
  • 395k people reached
  • 690+ Facebook video reactions
  • 155+ Facebook video shares
  • 75k+ YouTube VR video views
  • 10k custom branded Huggies SA Google Cardboards ordered
  • 15 Samsung VR headsets, 15 Galaxy S6’s and 15 Skull Candy headphones purchased for activations

“The Kimberly-Clark business is astonished by this campaign, but more importantly, consumers are absolutely blown away by it. Through this campaign, I believe we’ve changed the way consumer engagements happen – and to top it off, with the Google Cardboard hand-out, we turn every mom into a brand ambassador and essentially a promoter to her peers. Our campaign is still in its infancy stages, but I think we’re set for a very successful result. Our VR campaign was ground breaking for the Baby and Child care category, no-one would have ever expected it from a Baby wipes brand, and I’m of the view that we’ve broken ground worldwide.”

Morné van Emmenes, Brand Manager, Huggies® Child Care & Wipes