Bonitas Medical Aid Fund



Creative Spark undertook the building and launch of a new website for Bonitas Medical Fund. This is part of a larger digital transformation programme we are running in partnership with AfroCentric Health, to provide an innovative, seamless, digital omnichannel customer experience.



To launch a brand-new website for Bonitas, which features modern, responsive design, streamlined User Experience and multiple new lead generation tools integrated into Dynamics 365 CRM. Together with our partners, the AfroCentric Group and Karabina, we worked round the clock to bring this innovative solution to market in record time, ahead of the launch of a large Bonitas 360 marketing campaign, leading up to open season for medical schemes.

Included in our brief was that the website build needed to incorporate 5 parallel project streams:

  • Replacing Salesforce with a new Microsoft Dynamics leads and sales solution.
  • Designing & building a new Bonitas website & CMS (
  • Designing & building the new Bonitas Broker Portal to replace legacy Broker Zone.
  • Integration of CRM with the new Bonitas website and Broker Portal.
  • Ongoing Centralisation of  AHL API development.






  • A total turnaround time of 6 weeks on all 5 deliverables.
  • Cross-platform analytics enabled for future 360° user journey tracking.
  • Consistent design and UX across all platforms, aligned with Bonitas CX strategy.
  • Strong team co-creation and adaptability across partners, including:
    • ADS
    • Bonitas Medical Fund
    • Creative Spark
    • Helios
    • Karabina
    • Medscheme






“The Bonitas website now optimally functions as one entry point to all digital platforms for brokers and members.

As a result of the integration of the website into CRM, it has allowed us to create a website which optimises lead generation with the online application, get a quote or get advice and track the entire journey, right to conversion.

This is key for sales and marketing as we need to accurately measure digital marketing ROI.  We have also enabled software on the website (Crazy Egg) to monitor behaviour which will allow us to continually enhance the site to encourage conversion.”


~ Melanie Le Roux, General Manager: Marketing, Branding & Communications, AfroCentric Distribution Services