Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies® launches innovative VR, Google cardboard campaign with digital agency, Creative Spark

30 August 2016 |

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Virtual Reality is one of the biggest buzz words at the moment, and brands are grappling with how to use this new technology to enhance products and sales. Huggies®, together with its digital agency, Creative Spark, came up with an innovative way of using the technology, not for technology’s sake, but to solve a marketing problem the company encountered in showcasing the virtues of one of its popular baby brands Huggies® Baby Wipes.

To showcase just how natural their wipes are, Huggies® introduced a new 360º, virtual reality video, used as part of their in-store promotions and at exhibitions. It is far from the ordinary side by side wipes demonstrations. Moreover, as part of the campaign, consumers were also given a free Huggies® Google Cardboard when purchasing their Huggies® Wipes, enabling them to turn their smartphone into a Virtual Reality kit.


The video starts in baby’s room with mom changing her nappy, and as mom stops to grab a wipe, the immersive journey begins. The viewer is taken to a forest where they get to hear how natural the base sheet of Huggies® Baby Wipes are.

They are then transported to a waterfall to see how pure the formulation that adds moisture to the wipes actually is. This is followed by an educational section where Huggies® poses the question “How natural are Huggies® Wipes?” and the answer is, “Natural enough to sprout a bean”.

Morné van Emmenes, Brand Manager at Huggies®, explains why there has been such excitement around this campaign: “Most of us are familiar with the simple science experiment from school where the bean was placed between moistened cotton wool in a glass container. The moisture is sealed in by covering the top of the cup with cling film or by placing the lid on your jar.

“Because this environment is pure and free of any nasties the bean thrives and grows over the next week. We tested this with our Huggies® wipes and the bean sprouts when it is nestled between the wipes and the container. This is a very visual and practical way to showcase the naturalness of our wipes”, says van Emmenes.

“It is a simple concept but we are very excited about this project as a whole.”

Emmanuel Quartier, Social Media Producer for Creative Spark, says: “Working on this campaign with all the key individuals and companies has been a very insightful experience. Not only have we managed to do something completely new and innovative, but we’ve also helped our client solve a global campaign problem while producing content that is new, fresh and exciting for the Huggies® consumer.”

Baby wipes have been around for ages and have to be one of the handiest inventions of all time. With this being said, Huggies® Wipes are made differently and offer moms a great cleaning solution. Unlike other wipes on the market, Huggies® Baby Wipes are made from three layers of a unique material that contain 65% natural fibres. They offer a gentle clean while locking away mess and quickly refreshing baby’s sensitive skin.

“Our Huggies® Wipes are made with a cotton-like base sheet, 99% water and a formulation with no added nasties like alcohol or parabens,” says Morné van Emmenes, Brand Manager at Huggies®.

  • When shopping at Baby City you could also experience this virtual reality video with the Samsung Gear VR head set.
  • When purchasing your Huggies® Wipes you will also be given a free Huggies® branded Google Cardboard, enabling you to turn your smartphone into a Virtual Reality kit. Those consumers that do not get to experience this in-store, are not going to miss out as anyone with a smartphone and using either YouTube or Facebook apps, can take this exciting journey.

How to watch the video:


  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app on your Smartphone
  • Open your app, and visit our page at Huggies SA
  • You’ll find it in our Videos section

“Try your own bean experiment at home and share your pictures with us on our social media platforms, Facebook HuggiesSA and @huggies_sa on Twitter and Instagram, we would love to see them”, concludes van Emmenes.

How natural are Huggies® Wipes? Natural enough to sprout a bean.

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